What are the best environmental organizations to donate to?
– Sam

Hi Sam, I wholeheartedly support the work and research being done by the Environmental Defense Fund. They also put out a great newsletter for members.

The National Resources Defense Council is another great one. Their donation page hits the nail on the head:

“Donate to the NRDC to help protect the air, land, and water from forces of pollution and corporate greed.”

And of course, there’s always the Sierra Club.

What if there’s no March for Science in my area? I support the cause, but I’m not financially able to travel to one of the events.
– Paula

Hi Paula, Thanks for reaching out. If you’re up for it, you could organize a march for your area. Even if it is just you and a few of your neighbors, you can make an impact! The organizers of the March have information available on their site on what to do if you want to host a March.

If that’s not an option, find out what Earth Day events are happening in your area and volunteer. Often (and I suspect this year especially!), these events are focused on environmental awareness and protection and they can always use the help!

Haven’t you heard? The northeast just had a blizzard. In March! How can you still believe in climate change?
– Mike
Hi Mike, I don’t “believe in” climate change. It is a scientifically-proven fact. Regarding Winter Storm Stella, there is a difference between weather and climate. Stella was a weather event. Climate change is happening gradually over time. Here’s a great article from The New York Times with more information about it.
A student in my son’s class (he’s 8) talked to him about global warming, and it really scared him. Do you know of any kid-friendly global warming books or websites that will help me explain it to him?
– Daniel

Hi Daniel, great question. I did some digging and found the resources below. I hope they’re helpful. And if there are any parents out there who’ve found other kid-friendly resources, please share them and I’ll add them below:

How to Talk to a 5-Year-Old about Climate Change – ThinkProgress

The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

The Down-to-Earth Guide to Global Warming – Scholastic

Which books deal with climate change for younger children? – The Guardian