Challenging Climate Change Deniers With Facts

No doubt, you have read the stories and heard the reports saying our planet’s climate is getting warmer. Climate change is a real thing despite what some deniers might say. In fact, it’s no longer a question of whether our Earth is getting warmer. It’s about how much warmer it will get.

And yet, some folks will stubbornly cling to their denials. They say the data is false, or that humans aren’t behind climate change. While people are welcome to believe whatever they want, these beliefs are both incorrect and dangerous. If climate change gets out of control, everyone will suffer.

That’s why you need to improve your environmental awareness. Knowing the truth about climate change and what you need to do about it can help you convince deniers that this is all real.

Action Needs To Be Taken Now

Q: What is climate change?

A: Climate change means just that. The Earth’s climate is changing, and in this case, it’s getting warmer. However, because the world’s weather and climate are is interconnected, making even small changes can impact everyone. While our climate is never completely the same year after year, this climate change is steady over time.

Q: Do we know what’s causing climate change and rising temperatures?

A: There are several factors affecting our climate, but by far, the biggest cause is people. Not only has the human population covered the globe, our modern lifestyle is producing a lot of carbon dioxide. This is a greenhouse gas that traps heat, leading to increased temperatures and climate change.

Changes For Your Hometown

Q: Are there policies that can help slow down climate change?

A: Definitely. One of the biggest changes a town can make is to reduce its emissions. That means using more renewable energy sources, limiting how much carbon that industries can produce and release into the atmosphere, and planting more trees and vegetation. While no policy is perfect and some may cost taxpayers, it’s crucial to vote for politicians that support policies like these.

Q: Do environmental organization do any good?

A: Most communities run by elected officials worry about what the public wants. That’s why environmental groups have been making a big and positive change in the US. In states where environmental awareness has increased thanks in part to these groups, greenhouse gas emissions have decreased. Remember that while capitalism works, it doesn’t always provide solutions to climate change. Those need to be demanded.

What Your Family Can Do At Home

Q: What changes can be made at home to help fight climate change?

A: One of the keys here is to improve your family’s environmental awareness. Talk to your family about climate change so everyone understands why this requires changes today. Then look at how your family uses energy. Reducing how much you use will help reduce the pollutants created at power plants.

  • Make sure your home is well-insulated.
  • Install a programmable thermostat.
  • Change your light bulbs to CFL or LED versions.
  • Buy newer, energy-efficient appliances.
  • Recycle at home.

Q: How can I use my car less to produce less greenhouse gases?

A: One of the biggest sources of greenhouse gases is your car. That exhaust goes into the atmosphere and helps increase the temperature. That means driving less can help fight climate change. That can be tough depending on where you live, but it is possible. Start by walking or riding bikes whenever possible. Look into your town’s mass transit system and see what buses or trains you can take. Even using a park-and-ride for your commute can help.

It’s Not Too Late

Knowing that humans are causing climate change helps. Knowing that there are some changes to be made at your home and community is even more helpful. When you next talk to a climate change denier, you have the facts needed to help change their mind.

Photo credit: Pixabay